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Getting Knowledge About Octroi Tax Pays Rich Dividends

Well, are you ready to relocate to the new destination in Delhi? You may have found best packers and packers service providers and entered into an agreement with them? You are very happy that you are relocating to a new city and start a new life with your beloved family members. You moving company may have told you about all the charges that you will be required to pay? Did they tell you that you also have to pay the octroi charges? If not, then it is extremely important to discuss this charge with your company so that you do not have to suffer later. Before you discuss with the movers and packers in India, a good knowledge about the octroi charges will certainly help you a lot.

What Exactly is an Octroi Charge?
In simple terms, an octroi charge is a kind of tax, which you are required to pay on certain goods, when you cross the borders of new state or city. You will be pretty much relieved to know that this particular charge is not levied in all the states of India. However, if you are moving into the states of Gujarat or Maharashtra, then you have to pay the charge. The best movers and packers in Delhi, generally include this charge will preparing the agreement. They provide an in house estimate of the entire moving cost you have to pay.

List of Belongings on Which the Octroi Tax is Levied
The following is the list of some prominent items on which the state governments charge the octroi tax:
•    Leather goods
•    Silver items
•    Gold items
•    Imported glass items
•    Food grains
•    Goods made from silk
•    Animals moved for the purpose of domestication

How the Octroi Tax is calculated?
It is important to note here that the octroi charges do remain fixed. It differs from state to another state. The lists of goods on which the taxes are charged are generally released by the state movements. If from Delhi, you are planning to shift to another city or state, then it is absolutely important that you check out from the packers and  movers Delhi firms whether they charge the tax or not. A vital work, which you should not forget to do here, is to provide the list of items that are to be transported to movers and packers in India as it will help them a lot to provide you a correct relocation cost.

Who Pays the Octroi Charges?
It is you who have to bear the octroi charges. When you reach the borders of the state, then a supervisor from the side of the government will check the goods. He or she will then give the total amount of tax to be paid. The charges by movers and packers service providers usually pay the tax and you can return the money during the time of paying the final bill to the moving companies.

So, if you do not have the sound knowledge about the octroi charges, then you must ask the movers and packers companies to provide you a correct estimate or the best thing you can do here is to search for the ideas to make a safe shifting so that you can have a comfortable relocation experience.

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March-6-2017 12:34:pm



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