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#1 February-14-2016 9:19:pm

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Chicken ear mites

The other day my neighbor called to tell me something was wrong with one of her roosters. I went over to look at him and he has a massive ear mite problem. I tried to help her dig the ear mite debris out of his ears but they are so impacted and very hard crusted. I put some ear mite lotion on his ears to try to soften the debris but it is still as hard as a brick. I used some tweezers like these to pick at it,

but got very little of it out. Any suggestions on what I might use to soften it? I'm afraid if I pick at it any more without softening it more I might hurt him. She has let this go way too far. His head now looks more like a basketball shape, twice as wide as it should be. I gave her the cock several years ago when he was a youngster. She is very attached to him but really let the mites get out of control. I am trying to help her.

Any ideas!!!

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February-14-2016 9:19:pm



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