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Welcome to ~Hilltop Farm Forum~
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Forum Rules

We have few rules, Please read them and post accordingly. These are the terms you agreed to when you joined Hilltop Farm Forum *** We are not an advertising service and any advertising of products or items not related to this forum will be deleted as well as the member.***
7 7 September-15-2017 5:55:am by pappu2


Welcome to Hilltop Farm Forum. We started our forum in May 2010. This is a FREE forum for all forum members. We do not charge for membership. We will be updating our forum regularly. We welcome any comments, information, suggestions or questions.
27 38 September-21-2017 2:32:am by Bridgid

Forum Guides and How-Tos

Unsure how to do something? Look here, you may find your answer!
7 12 September-22-2017 5:33:am by JoeClark

Feedback & Announcements

Registering for the forum allows you to participate in exchanging information and to use the "subscribe" feature to be notified, when someone has replied to a subject/topic/thread you are interested in. Suggestions are welcome on how we can improve our forum and any new categories we can add. Forum updates and information will be posted here... We are not an advertising service and any advertising of products or items not related to this forum will be deleted as well as the member.
17 33 September-22-2017 5:34:am by JoeClark

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is for all of the FAQ's, as certain topics / questions are asked (the admin and mods) will add them to this section or you may post any questions or suggestions here.
6 13 September-22-2017 5:34:am by JoeClark

Local Poultry/Animal Laws & Ordinances

Many cities and town have laws about keeping chickens. This is a section for discussion on local laws in your community.
3 13 September-22-2017 5:34:am by JoeClark
1 2 November-23-2012 9:24:am by Ditins

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Good information
4 7 November-4-2012 2:41:am by Country Gal

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General Chicken Chat & Pictures

Pictures & Stories of Chickens, Questions, Answers and Chat. If your are posting about the care of, or raising chickens, please post it in appropriate section below.
20 32 September-23-2017 10:03:am by JoeClark

Chicken Breed Photo Gallery

Post Photo's of your chickens breeds. Find a thread or start a new one and add your personal experience with the breed. Eventually we would like to create a database for listing the different breeds with information on each breed.
3 6 January-9-2014 4:47:am by Country Gal
32 86 March-6-2017 12:34:pm by Tunebest
12 26 May-24-2013 3:30:am by Country Gal
14 24 September-19-2017 7:00:am by JoeClark
9 35 January-2-2017 2:18:pm by Country Gal
11 17 September-26-2017 9:29:am by JoeClark
8 9 October-13-2012 4:31:pm by Country Gal
5 9 January-2-2017 2:23:pm by Country Gal
4 11 January-2-2017 2:53:pm by Country Gal
9 11 October-6-2017 11:39:am by JoeClark

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2 2 December-10-2011 10:34:pm by Country Gal
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1 2 December-31-2010 12:03:pm by becky3086
1 4 July-9-2011 12:54:pm by Country Gal
1 4 October-3-2011 10:49:pm by Country Gal

Other Fowl

Game birds, Partridges, Guineafowl, Peafowl, Emus, Ostriches, etc.
1 2 December-31-2010 12:23:pm by becky3086
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3 3 October-6-2017 11:45:am by JoeClark
5 5 September-26-2017 9:40:am by JoeClark
1 2 September-26-2010 6:45:pm by mimischicks
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Other Animals

For all other critters who don't fall into any of the other catagories, Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Reptiles, Parrots, Alpacas, Donkeys and all other Animals
2 4 September-19-2014 5:03:pm by singhangel

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Birds in the wild

This forum is all about wild birds to help people learn about birds and enjoy bird watching, bird identification, attracting birds, bird feeders, birdhouses and to find helpful articles and discussions about all things birding, what tools can help you be a better birder, and answers to some common questions. We hope you enjoy it!
3 4 July-19-2014 4:55:pm by Country Gal

Garden Chat

This part of our forum is for discussions on Gardening.
4 6 June-16-2014 1:53:pm by nrimo

Gardening Questions

For any member that has any gardening questions. Replys welcome.
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2 2 October-11-2010 3:53:pm by Country Gal
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0 0  
3 6 December-26-2012 5:38:am by Kamber256
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0 0  
1 1 August-11-2010 1:43:am by Country Gal
1 7 September-3-2014 3:26:am by thomasfencinginc
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4 5 October-10-2014 12:42:am by thomasfencinginc
2 8 June-2-2017 12:09:pm by rubenson
1 3 September-1-2014 3:01:am by thomasfencinginc
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2 4 September-2-2014 6:22:pm by Country Gal
1 1 May-29-2010 6:40:am by Country Gal
1 1 January-12-2018 2:49:pm by rubenson
2 18 October-15-2014 1:13:am by thomasfencinginc

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General Self Sufficient Information

We have created a section on our forum for information about Being Self Sufficient.
13 13 October-5-2016 6:13:am by Wanduber
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5 6 December-13-2012 6:34:am by Lance
3 5 August-11-2011 7:18:pm by Country Gal
2 2 December-26-2012 5:25:am by Kamber256
1 1 September-1-2011 3:46:pm by Country Gal
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2 2 October-8-2012 2:40:pm by Country Gal
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1 1 August-26-2011 2:07:am by Country Gal


Show off your talent! Post your picture or pictures here, Quilting, Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, Scrapbooking and more...
2 2 October-3-2017 1:59:pm by JoeClark
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All Other Self Sufficient Living

All other things that don't fit into the other catagories.
2 3 October-9-2014 8:40:pm by Vambihowde

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Posts for Anything and Everything related to this forum, such as Swaps, Meet-ups, Shows and other Events (Buy/Sell/Trade) and a chance to meet with others and Forum Members.
57 304 March-20-2017 6:17:pm by Country Gal
17 27 June-22-2017 1:40:pm by shubhamporwal
733300 733314 Today 6:50:am by Leopoldo


Arts, Crafts, Collecting, Sports, Etc.
4 5 March-4-2011 12:29:pm by TheGirls

Hometown - Where are you from???

We thought it might be fun for Forum members to say Hi and let us know what part of the world members are from.
2 3 August-22-2011 7:09:pm by mad367

Jokes, Games and Fun

In this part of our Forum tell Jokes (keep them clean), link to your favorite Games and HAVE FUN
7 13 October-3-2014 7:26:pm by Country Gal

Sound Off

A section to post random thoughts or questions, anything that won't fit into any other category that doesn't conflict with the forum rules.
7 8 October-3-2017 2:02:pm by JoeClark

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For Sale

This section of our forum is for Members to post items/animals/supplies etc. For Sale. If you want to buy or are looking for a specific item, please post it in the "Wanted" Section below.
10 22 April-12-2017 8:08:am by subhajit123


This section of our forum is for Members to post items or animals Wanted. If you are looking to buy eggs, chickens, livestock, supplies or for any (farm related) item, post it here. Please post "For Sale" listings in the section above.
13 23 March-27-2015 5:51:pm by Country Gal

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•Any links to external Web sites or information provided are provided as a courtesy. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible so you can be as informed as possible.
8 20 April-27-2015 4:06:pm by Country Gal

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